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SOLD...0.72ctw Fancy Color Mix Shape Diamond Ring R8516

ITEM:# R8516

SHAPE: MIX (See Below)

0.03ct Fancy Light Pink VS Round
0.05ct Fancy Intense Green Yellow VS Radiant
0.06ct Fancy Vivid Orangy Yellow Pear
0.15ct Fancy Intense Brownish Orangy Yellow VS Pear
0.06ct Fancy Brownish Greenish Yellow VS Pear
0.11ct Fancy Deep Brownish Orangy Yellow VS Cushion
0.08ct Fancy Deep Pinkish Purple I1 Cushion
0.10ct Fancy Intense Yellow VS Pear
0.05ct Fancy Intense Yellow VS Heart
0.03ct Fancy Light Pink VS Round

14Karat Rose Gold

Currently sized at: 6
Size adjustment possible- email us for details if you need a different size.

You probably have no idea just how difficult it is to produce a ring like this.

First, you'd have to get the diamonds.

If you tried to buy these specific 10 diamonds it could easily cost double the price of this ring for the stones alone.

About two years back, we purchased the entire parcel shown in one of the photos. As different ideas arose, we doled out the stones for different projects. Most of the stones in this ring come from that parcel.

I love this particular piece as much as any that we've made with these stones.

OK, so you have your diamonds. Well almost all. We mixed it up with a few light pink round diamonds to be set at the ends. Let's make a ring!

Do you think you can just walk in someplace, and order the parts to make this ring?

Of course not, you'd buy it online, duh.

OK, ....uh..not so much... actually, you can't possibly begin to make something like this using any part you can order online. You have to painstakingly make the ring by hand. And the stones are small, it's a pain in the butt to take all the effort to craft an artful ring for stones this size. If our guys didn't love us for the thousands of other rings we have them make, they'd never touch the job.

OMG- what a job they did.

The placement of the stones is perfection. The piece feels amazing to the touch- even with all those prongs.

And the vibrant colors of the diamonds!

It's a hard ring to take one's eyes off of.