1.05ct Vivid Red Emerald Cut Burma Ruby R9125

ITEM:# R9125

WEIGHT: 1.05ct
SHAPE: Emerald Cut
COLOR: Vivid Red (Pigeon's Blood)
MEASUREMENTS: 6.14 x 4.82 x 3.29 mm
GRS REPORT #: GRS2005-091712
ORIGIN: Burma (Myanmar)

It's a futile endeavor - attempting to capture the essence of how vivid the red is, in this ruby. No matter the lighting- even in dim lighting.

The cut is also perfect for the stone. GRS called it "octagonal, step/step cut (4)" It is, in truth octagonal - as are all emerald cuts - even though you might think of them as rectangular. "Step/step" refers the the fact both the top and bottom of the Ruby are step cut- each having 4 facet breaks.

If it was a diamond with a GIA report, they'd simply call it "Emerald Cut". It's beautifully done.

The pics also may make it look like there's visible imperfections, but you can't see them in person.

There's a reason Burma Rubies are renown as the world's finest. This stone embodies all that.

GRS (GemResearch Swisslab is widely accepted by the trade as totally legit) called the color "Pigeon's Blood"

Add to this the fact, the lab report also verified the fact that the stone was never heated. The vast majority of Rubies and Sapphires are heated prior to cutting to improve color.