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SOLD... 1.08ct Fancy Vivid Yellow SI1 Cushion Diamond Ring R3177

ITEM #: R3177
Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 1.08ct
SHAPE: Cushion Modified Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Vivid Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.20 x 5.48 x 3.60 mm
GIA REPORT #: 5111177300

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6
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The Yellow Peril. This is what this diamond should be called. And perilous it is indeed: a pool of yellow, intense yellow, VIVID yellow, so pure you can fall into the yellow glow and sink, never to come back, lost in the depth of the beautiful yellow light sparkling from this well... OK, where was I? Ah, yes, excuse me. Apart from its obvious hypnotic power, what else to say here? Did I mention it's yellow?

OK, all kidding apart, the yellow tone here is what sets this diamond apart. It's totally pure yellow; GIA sometimes allows minute amounts of other hues - especially near or related ones (brown, orange, green) to creep into a primary color without mentioning them - nevertheless, they do change the character (and price) of the diamond: the purest colors are the most desirable in the market.

Vivids over a carat are rare, and color is one of the key drivers of price. This diamond ticks both boxes, yet it's not expensive. So, what's going on? Well, if you look at the grading report, you will note that there is an indented natural (a piece of the original diamond crystal that is left unpolished and is indented compared to the "theoretical" surface of the facet) and an extra facet marked on it. In fact, you can see the indented natural and the extra facet in the corner of some of the large scale photos on this page; they look like an ordinary facet, but are in a different place compared to the regular design. It doesn't affect the way the diamond looks and it does not pose issues of durability. What it does, is to save 15 to 20% in weight compared to shaving this off and cutting a "perfect" stone on the outside; this enables the cutter to offer us a very competitive price that we are happy to pass on to you!

The rest of the cut is at the highest levels - the nicely rounded sides and corners, the pleasing proportions of the outline and above all the fact that there isn't a dead spot on the stone all speak to it. One added bonus of the cut is the size: although the diamond is 1.08 ct, it looks considerably larger, and it "faces up" almost as a 1.25 ct.

We have taken photos in different lights and environments to show you what the stone looks like in real life - and like in real life, we haven't edited them or added lighting apart from the sun or a diamond light providing light from above.

Last word on clarity. The diamond is graded SI1 because it has a number of small inclusions or blemishes. The largest feather - which is almost completely transparent - is located in a totally unobtrusive place right under an edge; you can just about spot its reflection under the table in a 40x photo (at the top of the page). In a 25x photo like the one under this paragraph, it becomes invisible. Your chances of spotting this - or any of the others - without a loupe is zero.

Matching side stones and designing settings for vivid yellows is an art that we have mastered.

The above listing was written by our good friend OldManCoyote. He's a regular on our colored diamond forum, as well as others (where he's known as davidelevi). His technical knowledge of diamonds is so extensive we asked him to assist in describing some of our newest gems.



The ring

For this gem we decided on one of the most classic and beloved settings. The floral motif pays homage to nature's beauty. An impossible vivid yellow flow- yet here is is.

The diamonds surrounding the Vivid Yellow are carefully selected- they are all among the finest cut, color and clarity stones you will find- anywhere. These stones are about .05ct each. A perfect size to appear large enough- yet not overpower the vivid center.

Not many companies would feel comfortable posting photos taken so close up= and not photoshopped. We have no need to hide any blemishes- our work is that good. Even the bottom of the ring is work of art.

fancy vivid yellow diamond ring

fancy vivid yellow diamond ring

fancy vivid yellow diamond ring

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