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SOLD...1.08ctw Fancy Colored Diamond Ring R9631

ITEM:# R9631

TYPE: Natural Diamond

MOUNTING: 14Karat Rose Gold

Currently sized at: 6

These stones are so kewl!

We purchased a very cool parcel of Natural Fancy Colored Stones. The seven diamonds range from .14-18cts each. There's 2 Pear Shapes, 4 cushions, and one Oval.

The variety in color is delish! There's two purple pink stones,one has some brown for sure- the other is intense- lots of purple and PINK!
Two are orangy/brownish yellow. One- the center oval- is Intense Orange Yellow. Right next to it is a deep brownish orange.
Then we have that super cool Green looking stone. It really does broadcasts green- there's a black booger inside- and I think it's affecting the color in a good way ( I know that sounds strange).
We submitted another stone from the parcel and it was a chameleon. The dark green one might also be a chameleon.
Overall, it's a super cool ring- totally captivating
Custom made 14kt pink gold ring.

The ring is 2.1mm wide at the palm.