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SOLD.....1.24ct Greenish Yellow VS2 Oval Shape Diamond R9135

ITEM:# R9135

WEIGHT: 1.24ct
SHAPE: Oval Modified Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Brownish Greenish Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 8.69 x 5.61 x 3.47 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 5181100336

Here's a truly well cut Oval Modified Brilliant diamond with a super cool greenish yellow color.

As you can see, the stone has somewhat of a chameleon personality due to the fluorescence.

Greenish, or yellowish, it always looks nice.

As I said, really well cut. Lot's of size for the weight. No bowtie whatsoever.

GIA report is for color only. So maybe I'm missing something, but the stone looks clean to me.

There's a small "Natural" which reflects into the stone. I can see it in the pics- but there's really no effect in person.

We can do an awesome job setting this puppy.