1.38ct Emerald Cut Emerald R8456

ITEM:# R8456

WEIGHT: 1.38ct
SHAPE: Emerald Cut
COLOR: Green
MEASUREMENTS: 7.43 x 6.58 mm

Although we're well known for Fancy Colored Diamonds, we love Emeralds!

In addition, we have amazing sources for the best Columbian and African stones. This might sound strang, but the reason we do not carry more emeralds is due to photographic limitations - mine specifically.

I have a hard time capturing the beauty.

In this case, it's a gorgeous Emerald Cut. The stone is African. African Emeralds, in general, are more transparent than Columbian stones. This can, in best cases, give you a very deep, yet lively green. That's the case with this stone.

The cut is absolutely gorgeous. Easy to see why emerald cut and emerald go together.

As you can see in the pics, there's a little cloud- not a bother in person.

Also- there's a small "natural" on one of the corners. This has no impact on durability. We will gladly set the stone for you.

The stone was cut in Israel by a great friend of ours. Minor oiling was done.

We do intend to set the stone after the Christmas rush.