1.43ct Greenish Yellow Horse Head Diamond R9121

ITEM:# R9121

WEIGHT: 1.43ct
SHAPE: Horse Modified Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Brownish Greenish Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 8.65 x 7.20 x 2.99 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 5201995047

Here's a really cool diamond. From so many perspectives.

Let's start with the cut- the outline is distinctively equine. You can tell it's a horse. Left facing by the way. It's cut almost like a portrait cut. If I had to estimate (I do because the GIA report is color only, so there's no table measurement)- I'd say the table is 95%.

The entire top of the diamond is table - flat. This actually works with the other aspects of the stone. There's sparkle at the edges- the other 5% that's not table is pure sparkle.

You can certainly tell it's a diamond. it's pretty large for the weight as well

Then there's the color- sometimes it actually looks green. In dimmer lighting primarily. Other times the yellow sparkle is predominant.

The diamond does have a haze in the center - when I hit it with the ultraviolet light in the video you can see it - but with the way the diamond is cut, that aspect doesn't take away from the beauty.