SOLD.....1.46ct Yellow SI2 Cushion Cut Diamond Ring R421

diamond ring
diamond ringdiamond ringdiamond ringdiamond ring

ITEM #: R421
Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 1.46ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
COLOR: Fancy Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.90 x 5.44 x 4.22 mm
GIA REPORT #: 5181732004

SHAPE: Half Moon

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 5.5
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natural pink diamond ring

1.46ct Fancy Yellow SI2 Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

We are offering htis ring at a special price! Because it is a trade up, we are adjusting the price of the diamond to current market value based on the new GIA report. Given that it's an SI2, and slightly deep, it would sell at the lower of market prices for Fancy Yellow cushion of this weight. Then, we are taking off 20% our regular price to account for the fact it's "used". (Although it's identical to one cut yesterday) We are offering the ring portion at 50% off what it'd cost to replace new.

So overall a unique opportunity. I can tell you this – if your karma type person… The folks that owned this ring or one of the nicest couples you could ever meet. The ring has seen some very happy times.

natural yellow diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

canary diamond ring

three stone diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

three stone diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

three stone diamond ring

More details about the center stone and original ring

Like so many of our stones and rings, there's a story behind this diamond ring. As anyone knows, the story was started millions of years ago when carbon was mixed with some dinosaur bones and became diamonds. Fast forward to late 2003 – when we bought the diamond from a cutter, pretty much right out of GIA. The diamond had been graded Fancy Light Yellow by GIA (report- #12982697)

My assessment now, as I'm sure it was back then, is that the stone has beautiful color. Strong color for Fancy Light Yellow. It is a totally eye clean SI2 clarity. No black carbon. I love the shape, and I love the fancy colored diamond light performance. The stone is very bright, and has an even sparkle from one edge to the other. The only slightly critical aspect is that the stone is a little bit deep.

There are no negative visual aspects associated with the depth, other than the fact that the stone looks more like a 1.25cts, as opposed to 1.46cts. This was compensated by the price. Looking back at what we paid for it in the day, we did get a very nice deal on it then. As you will if you purchase it now – more on that in the moment.

Anyway, back in early 2004, we found two beautifully matched half moon brilliant diamonds. They were (are) perfectly matched to the cushion cut center. These crescent-shaped diamonds are totally colorless and clear to the eye. Then, we got a favorite bench of the day (which no longer exists) build a three stone ring for it. It's sold pretty quickly back then.

The client that bought has become an old friend at this point. We have stayed in touch over the years. He was recently mentioning how he would love a pair of earrings for his beloved wife – and that she was wearing a different diamond ring (also made by us) much more frequently than this one. We worked out an equitable trade in arrangement to both. We took the diamond back at full value – but the ring came back at 50% value. After 13 years, I wasn't expecting to be able to salvage the setting.

I was quite excited to see the ring – eagerly opening the package the day it arrived..... I just love it when I did something right all those years ago and it comes back looking like this. The stones are in perfect condition. The ring looked pretty good even before refinishing. We removed the center stone and sent it off to GIA for a fresh report.

Unexpected bonus!. I was correct in thinking the stone was a very strong fancy light yellow back in 2004. This time around, GIA graded the diamond fancy yellow – that's a big deal upgrade.

Lo and behold, our current bench was able to refresh and renew the ring. It looks just great! Virtually indistinguishable from a brand new ring. Of course, when you're shopping our site, you will learn that transparency is of the utmost importance to us as a company. I would not want someone buying this ring thinking it was brand new, even though it looks brand new. I get that there are more implications to a diamond ring then just the stats.

yellow diamond

yellow diamond

natural yellow diamond

canary diamond

yellow diamond

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring you will receive.


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