1.50ct Orange Round Brilliant Diamond Ring R10118

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ITEM:# R10118

WEIGHT: 1.50ct
TYPE: Diamond
SHAPE: Round Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish Orange
CLARITY: I1 (est)
MEASUREMENTS: 6.97 - 6.85 x 4.99 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 2307216579

MOUNTING: Platinum

Currently sized at: 11
Size adjustment available in most cases.
Please contact us for details.

Orange is a very rare color in diamonds, and boy is this little sucker orange!

Yes - GIA threw in brownish, yellowish......but I'll tell ya - it's a sight to see the bright coppery orange flashes coming off this stone.

I graded the stone I1 (the cutter submitted for color only)- but the clarity really isn't an issue due to the remarkable depth of color. It's cut exactly the way it needs to be to flash this color.

It is different than a traditional white diamond. A little deeper, so it looks a bit small for a carat and a half... but it's also truly well priced... so it all works out in the end here. If you want a bright orange diamond.

The setting is just picture-perfect to show off this gem. Gleaming platinum. The character lines emphasize the strength of the design.

Warning - you'll be looking down at your finger all day long.