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SOLD...1.51ct Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring GIA R1519 SPECIAL WEB PRICE

diamond ring
diamond ringdiamond ringdiamond ring

ITEM #: R1519
Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 1.51ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.68 x 6.15 x 3.93 mm
GIA REPORT #: 15220565
Total Depth: 63.9%
Table Size: 80%
Polish: G
Symmetry: G
Fluorescence: NONE

SHAPE: Trapezoidal Step Cut

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold 3 Stone

Currently sized at: 6.25
We will ship the ring in your size.
Please check our size adjustment policy.

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yellow diamond ring

1.51ct Fancy Light Yellow SI1 Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

Here's a super special price on a gorgeous three stone diamond ring. We made it over 10 years back. At this point, we need to send the diamond make to GIA- but it's close to Christmas- and with the rush, we'll wait till after the new year. Meantime, we're offering an extra special price for you, if you buy the stone with the GIA report as is. If you want a new GIA report, the cost is $159, and we'll gladly arrange that for you.

The stone is truly lovely today, as it was back in 2006, when we bought it. It's totally eye clean - and there's great color for a stone graded Fancy Light Yellow. The cut is very nice for the color- I like the shape. The stone is cut differently than the stones we see coming off the wheel today- it's got a relatively large table for a Radiant. In this case, I don;t mind it at all in terms of the light perfromance. The diamond has good life- and it's large for a carat and a half Fancy Colored Radiant Cut The traps are step cut and icy white. The ring has "ball prongs" which are durable and feel really nice to the touch.

It is a custom made ring, and it shows in the perfect fit and finish. The platinum shank is meaty and solid. It weighs nicely. We will adjust the size according to our policy in spite of the special price.

\natural yellow diamond ring

\natural yellow diamond ring

three stone diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

canary diamond ring

three stone diamond ring

three stone diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

canary diamond ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring you will receive.


gia report

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