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SOLD.....1.71ct Orange SI1 Radiant Cut Diamond R8193

ITEM:# R8193

WEIGHT: 1.71ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish Orange
MEASUREMENTS: 7.23 x 6.93 x 3.83 mm
GIA REPORT #: 11452425

This is a historical diamond for me. Truth be told, if I was able to wear rings, I would keep it for myself.....but other than a 3mm wedding band, I can't wear heavy rings anymore.

The story: I started the company in 1998. We created the first version of Diamonds by Lauren in May, 2000.

By the time I saw this stone, in 2002, we were rockin' the internet in its virtual infancy.

So we bought a lot of diamonds. When I saw this one, it had me at "Hello". The color is quite dramatic. The cut is as good as they come for this sort of diamond. Amazingly, looking at it now, after all the advances of the past 17 years, the cut still impresses me all these years later.

We purchased the diamond and made a ring for it (pictured- not included with the diamond)

The ring came out amazing- and what do you know, it happened to be a perfect fit for my pinky. Below is what I wrote back in 2002 when we put the stone on the site.

Where can I start, with something like this? I mean, even GIA can't decide what color it is. Take a look and notice that at the same time, this diamond is deemed to be brownish, yellowish, and ORANGE!

This one caught my eye the instant I gazed upon it. It's so deep in color, yet so full of life. The cut is simply amazing. This diamond is cut beautifully. The depth, at 55.5% is remarkable. It means the diamond looks like a 2.00, and has tons of sparkle to go along with it.

All is in order on this GIA certificate. The "medium yellow" fluorescence is not visible. Even under an ultra violet lamp there's barely any reaction. There's a faint white line which caused the GIA to issue an SI1- but you'll never see it 'less you take a 10 power loupe to the diamond.

Back to our story.....2002.....

So I was wearing the ring at my weekly poker game, and one my buds was totally taken by the ring. I told him he could have it - but it was going to cost a pretty penny.

A week later, the ring was on his finger - and I was driving my first Porsche.

Them's were the days.....

A few years later, my friend called me in a panic.

He'd been having a snowball fight in Central Park, and the ring flew off his finger - he couldn't find it.
He went back the next day - it had warmed up, the snow had melted - and he found the ring!!

Fast forward to now. All these years later, he's got new priorities.... the sweetest little daughter. He wants a gift for her mom, and he doesn't wear the ring anymore... so we worked out a trade- everyone is smiling.

I was sad to have to cut the diamond out of the ring, but it does need a new report. Even if we had the original report (my buddy lost it years ago) I'd still want to offer it with a new report.

The stone is currently at GIA having a new report drawn.

I'm thinking we should make ladies ring for it....for now, it's available loose- so you can decide how we set it.