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SOLD.....1.78ct G (Blue) VS2 Round Brilliant Lab Grown Diamond R9784

ITEM:# R9784

WEIGHT: 1.78ct
TYPE: Lab Grown Diamond
SHAPE: Round Brilliant
COLOR: G (faint blue)
MEASUREMENTS: 7.68 - 7.70 x 4.70 mm

We have the best connections with some of the best Lab Growers in the biz. In this case, my buddy grew a batch of rough that contained Boron. The presence of Boron will cause a faint blue tinge. And in this case, the blue is quite apparent to see.

IGI will likely grade these a high color (I'd guess G-H) with "Blue Nuance"

My buddy, the grower, brought over a really nice group of these "Blue Nuance" stones. The stones are really nicely cut - eye clean.

Oddly enough, the "Blue Nuance" stones are less costly than another parcel of I-J color stones he had... and in my opinion, the blue stones are a thousand times nicer.

We got an amazing deal and he allowed us to select the stones we wanted.

This was one of the largest stones in the bunch - closing in on 2cts!

We bought the stones without IGI reports - we will submit this stone, and the price of the report is included.