1.86ct Blue Cushion Cut Sapphire Ring R9202

ITEM:# R9202

WEIGHT: 1.86ct
TYPE: Sapphire
SHAPE: Cushion Mixed Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 6.60 x 6.45 mm

MOUNTING: 18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6
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Here is a lovely custom made sapphire ring. This setting is modern, yet classic all in one.

The diamond is set in a double bezel. This creates a "faux halo" of sorts adding great visual size to the ring.

The bezel is beautifully done - like liquid metal.

The over all finish of the ring is wonderful. Everything is smooth to the touch.

More details about the center stone

Here is a lovely natural blue sapphire.

The color is quite pure, rich, deep royal blue.

What drew me to this sapphire, was the depth and purity of color, combined with the sparkle and brilliance.

It's nicely cut- small table- generous crown.

I believe the stone is from Mozambique, and that it was heated prior to cutting, which is common - especially in this price range.