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SOLD....2.15ct U-V SI1 Heart Shape Diamond R8444

ITEM:# R8444

WEIGHT: 2.15ct
SHAPE: Heart Modified Brilliant
COLOR: U-V, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 7.10 x 8.50 x 4.60 mm

Here's why I love the cut of this stone

1) the proportions, as well as the overall shape are what I consider optimal. All curvy - no straight lines.
2) the sparkle- edge to edge sparkle. Very bright.
3) LARGE size for the weight.

We got the diamond directly from the cutter - it's a fresh diamond. Has not been to GIA yet. Our plan is to send it to GIA after the first of the year - they're crazy busy right now.

If you want to buy it we'll be glad to submit it now and request a quick turn around.

I'm grading the stone U-V, but it could easily go either way- S-T- or W-X. It's very tough to predict what GIA will grade a stone in this color range.

I'm predicting an SI1 grade. There's a very extremely minor rares of imperfection - the diamond is totally eye clean.

Sweet price for the size and look.

We can set this baby for you in the best possible manner.