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SOLD....2.16ct Blue Cushion Cut Sapphire R8757

ITEM:# R8757

WEIGHT: 2.16ct
STONE TYPE: Sapphire
SHAPE: Cushion Mixed Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 6.60 x 6.60 mm

Here's a positively vibrant blue sapphire. The stone has a very cool ability to sparkle - yet have a color as deep as can be.

A great cut contributes to the light show.

The stone has no visible imperfections.

This sapphire was heated during the cutting process. That is customary in stones that look this good, in this price range. We save you the time because we look at literally hundreds of sapphires to pick the ones we offer. This is a stunning stone.

How to set this beauty?
We suggest this halo if you want a single halo. mention this listing and get a free upgrade to 18kt, for the price of 14kt.