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SOLD....2.34ct Q-R (Brown) I2 Horse Head Diamond R9122

ITEM:# R9122

WEIGHT: 2.34ct
SHAPE: Horse Head
COLOR: Q-R, Light Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 9.78 x 8.25 x 3.70 mm

Hay. Hay you!! I purposely misspelled hey - you probably caught my feeble attempt at humor.

But really, this diamond is so...whimsical! I just love its vibe.

It has a distinctive shape. Sometimes it's hard to tell a diamond is a horse head - not this guy.

Plus, on this one, there is a carbon spot residing pretty much where an eye would be - how cool!

We have not sent the diamond to GIA - it's newly cut.

Turnaround times are a bit long at this writing, so we may or may not submit. If you want to purchase, we can submit on your behalf, or ship it as it is. We can also set this horsey for you - and I'm not horsing around!

We've done it many times.