3.04ct Blue Cushion Cut Sapphire Earrings R10515

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ITEM:# R10515

TYPE: Sapphire
SHAPE: Cushion Mixed Cut
COLOR: blue
MEASUREMENTS: 6.50 x 6.50 mm
MOUNTING: 18Karat White Gold

"May you live in Interesting times". An old Chinese proverb/curse. The jewelry business has been interesting for most companies. Basically, Diamond prices have softened a bit - natural and lab. Sapphires, on the other hand, are very hard to find, and consequently, priced a bit stronger than last year.

We negotiated a great price on these. They're natural, heated before cutting.

Both are just lovely.

At first I was focused on the fact that although they match in terms of size and shape, they are not exactly the same in terms of color and sparkle.

So I set about trying to decide which I liked better.

One is a deeper blue. OMG, what a pure blue! So velvety deep. Yet it still kicks back sparkles. This had to be the nicer of the two.

So now I focused on the other. It is a bit lighter... yet, the blue? Perfect! The fact that it's a bit lighter, allows a bit more of the crystal sparkle to come through... so there's a bit more sparkle.

Now, really... I just could not decide which was nicer.

Then, after looking at them for so long... and putting them on my fingers it came to me that they are perfect for earrings.

Even though they are not an exact match, they complement each other perfectly.

The price includes custom made, 18kt white gold, claw prong studs.

Or, if you want to add natural diamond halos, that's an additional $1200