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SOLD.....3.11ct Yellowish Brown I1 Oval Shape Diamond R8331


ITEM:# R8331

WEIGHT: 3.11ct
SHAPE: Oval Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Yellowish Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 11.90 x 7.78 x 4.61 mm

Our buddy cut this stone and he did an outstanding job!! The shape is just perfect, to my eye. Of course shape- and how we perceive it is a personal thing. This is a relatively long, graceful oval. The LxW ratio is 1.53:1.

The shape and nature of the rough produced a stone which has amazing size for the weight- almost 12 mm long- it will get mistaken as a five carat. Combine this with the light performance, which is stunning. There are small bright sparkles coming from everyplace on the stone as you move it. There are no specific patterns to the sparkle - or contrast. For this reason, there's no bowtie whatsoever.

The color is another remarkable aspect of the stone. It's almost like honey. It's brown for sure, but much lighter than the deeper browns stones. You can see this in the comparison shots above. It does have a carbon spot, but it blends in. I can't see it with the naked eye.

We did not submit the stone for a GIA report- which would cost $373. If you purchase the diamond and wish the report - we will facilitate that for you. The price is just crazy reasonable- and unrepeatable.