SOLD....Cluster Diamond Ring. The Designers Go Wild with 18Kt Green Gold

What happens when you let the designers run wild?

.  There are 41 diamonds totaling 3.77 carats.  The color varies from a brown cognac, to greenish yellow,to brownish greenish yellow

18Karat Green Gold Diamond Ring

SHAPE: Round Brilliant
COLOR: Asssorted Natural Brown Green Yellow Fancy Colors

18Karat Green Gold

Currently sized at: 6.5
We will ship the ring in your size..

A Totally Unique Ring

I could not begin to tell someone how to make a ring like this.  So much went into the design of this ring, and the execution of it.  For example, the diamonds are arranged in a way so that you can notice the brownish color on one side more than the other side, which is yellowish.  These bunches of the smaller diamonds are interspersed with the larger diamonds. Some of these appear to be almost gray. The effect is totally unique

To make it even more unique, how designers worked in green gold.

Even the inside of the Ring is a work of art.

If this ring is speaking to you in these pictures....wait till you see it in person!


The photos give you only a small percentage of the effect of the ring, when seen in person. for example, the photo below was taken in dim lighting, and I see what looks like pink to me





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