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SOLD... 4.01ct M VS1 Princess Cut Diamond Ring R6132

diamond ring

ITEM #: R6132
18Karat White Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 4.01ct
SHAPE: Princess Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 8.60 x 7.70 mm

SHAPE: Princess Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 5.80 x 4.80 mm

18Karat White Gold

Currently sized at: 6.5
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4.01ct M VS1 Princess Cut Three Stone Diamond Ring

When the world's largest diamond cutters buy diamonds in bulk, in the rough state, they must purchase a wide range of color and clarity. We are lucky to have a very close relationship with more than one of these cutters. The market places greater value on the high color material, but any rough that can produce a clean 4 carat princess cut is rare.

I loved the stone when I saw it because the diamond was cut with sparkle in mind. The stone is slightly deep so it's not the largest 4 carat princess cut you will see- and it's still pretty massive. But it gives up nothing in the way of its dazzling sparkle – there are no excuses needed there.

Whether you're looking at it from 6 inches or 6 feet the diamond returns the light so that the diamond catches your eye- in a good way. It sparkles like crazy.

Although the diamond definitely has some body color, it does not appear that way when you're looking at the thing from arm's-length. It's just not the first thing you notice, which is the size and sparkle. The diamond is totally eye clean.

This is a slightly rectangular princess cut diamond, but you really don't notice that in the ring.

This ring was submitted to EGL, wish you to grade which is total horse poop. The "certificate" is good for some things though. For example they would detect any treatment in the diamond. The cutter used EGL because many of the chain stores across America still sell diamonds using EGL reports – which is a shame in my opinion.

The diamond is flanked by two Princess cut diamonds that are more rectangular. Although we did not build this ring, I could not have picked a more perfect pair of size stones for this center. The side diamonds are also cut with dazzling sparkle.

The ring is an elegant yet simple design. The diamonds are the star of the show here - and quite to show it is because this is a huge ring. The ring is cast in 18 karat white gold.

diamond ring

three stone diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond three stone ring

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