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SOLD.....0.51ct K VS2 Princess Cut Diamond Ring R6922

ITEM:# R6922

WEIGHT: 0.51ct
SHAPE: Princess Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 4.40 x 4.00 mm


Currently sized at: 5.25
We will ship the ring in your size. Sizing fee is an additional $250

This is a hodge podge of elements that comes together in a smashing combination. The princess cut diamond is a cute stone we took in trade sometime last century (no kidding) It was tucked away.... It's slightly rectangular and a nice cut - sparkles well. Tiny bit of color, no biggie and completely eye clean.

So then we take a shank - the bottom part of the ring - we had cut it off a failed ring experiment, but the failure was the top. The shank is perfect. So then we have one of our guys build a head so the stone sits low in the ring. now the ring feels like a million bucks, I'm not kidding you.

It's so nicely finished- that's the thing with platinum. It takes a gorgeous smooth finish, and it lasts forever compared to gold - but don't get me started.

I will say that platinum while it's the top choice, it's more difficult to work on. Therefore, if you need a size adjustment, that starts at $250 additional to the price.. If you're a size 5.25, it's a screaming bargain.