6.01ct Brown Oval/Ashoka Diamond R9926

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ITEM:# R9926

WEIGHT: 6.01ct
TYPE: Diamond
SHAPE: Oval/Ashoka
COLOR: Fancy Yellow Brown
CLARITY: VS (Or not)
MEASUREMENTS: 13.50 x 9.20 x 5.80 mm

Here's a unique gem. We got the stone from a great friend/cutter.

The model (overall shape) is a pleasing oval shape. As we look closer, we see the unique, over-the-top "chunky" facets. Large open Culet. Combined with a 63% depth, we get a stone with a large spread, yet still enough depth in the pavilion and crown to promote firey flashes pretty much any time you move the stone while looking at it. Also look at it you will - it draws the eye. The size is so impressive and the color.

Wow, that color.... I called it "Fancy Yellow Brown", but there are all kinda orangey tones too.

Clarity....wow. good question. So that brings us to "certification" or grading - the stone has not yet been to a gem lab. Our unique, and extremely close relationship with some very important cutters mean we get first pick at some amazing stones, right off the wheel. So the color and clarity grades are mine.

I'm not even going to guess at how GIA will grade the clarity. Let me stress, before we delve into greater detail that the clarity grade of this diamond will not affect its beauty in any way (in my eyes anyway)

So, going back to the clarity... and color actually... Like many brown diamonds, the color is part of a grain system running through the diamond. They are more difficult to cut, for this reason. This stone is a perfect example - the cutter had to work "against the grain". You can see the graining lines with a loupe, and also in my photos. Yet there's no apparent deficit in transparency in real life. The color itself is what you see- along with the rainbow flashes.

We will gladly submit the stone to GIA on your behalf, should you purchase the diamond and desire the report.