0.97ct Fancy Yellowish Brown VS2 Carré Diamond Ring R6842

diamond ring
diamond ringdiamond ringdiamond ringdiamond ring

ITEM #: R6842
Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 0.97ct
SHAPE: Carré
COLOR: Fancy Yellowish Brown

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yellow diamond ring

.97ct Fancy Yellowish Brown VS2 Carré Three Stone Diamond Ring

I am lucky to have some very cool cutters as friends. They know we love the cool and unusual, but at the same time really lovely to behold. I was happy to find this one.

This is a totally rare bird! GIA calls it a "Rectangular Step Cut" diamond. However that does not seem enough to describe the beauty of this stone.

Yoram F (the expert) has said it's not a Carre Cut, given its rectangular shape. That said, it is still quite similar. I'm going to call it a rectangular Carré becuase that's tuly the most accurate way to describe it.

The color is very sweet, almost melon like.

brown diamondbrown carre cut diamond

brown step cut diamond

natural brown diamond

brown diamond

The Ring

The pair of French cut diamonds we used in the ring are below.

brown carre cut diamond

brown step cut diamond

natural brown diamond

The over all effect of the French cuts with the center diamond is amazing. This is a very unique ring that you cannot find anywhere else.

The ring is hand forged with beautiful claw prongs.

brown diamond ring

french cut diamond ring

chocolate diamond ring

hand forged diamond ring

natural brown diamond ring

brown diamond ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring you will receive.


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