Aquamarine and Diamond Brooch Pin Combination by Raymond Yard R6180

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ITEM #: R6180
Brooch and Pin Combo by Raymond Yard
Dated November 1947

TOTAL WEIGHT: 10.89cts
SHAPE: Old Mine Brilliant


TOTAL WEIGHT: 11.00cts
SHAPE: Emerald Cut


We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

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Aquamarine and Diamond Brooch Pin Combination by Raymond Yard

Here is a landmark estate piece. it is a brooch pin combo from Raymond Yard. As if the piece itself was not remarkable itself, the piece is accompanied by a copy of an letter, by the house of Raymond Yard, back in 1988, verifying the provenance of the piece.

Raymond C. Yard certificate of authenticity

Pieces from the '40s are particularly hard to come by and sought after- again, the letter of verification, giving the date of manufacture is a big plus. Looking at the piece itself, it's immediately clear, they don't make them like this anymore.

The workmanship is stunning. The condition is immaculate - there are only minuscule signs of wear.

The design of the mechanism is genius. You simply raise one or the other pair of pins on the back, and the two pieces immediately separate. There's a white gold frame that holds them together when it's going to be worn as a pin.

In terms of the diamonds:As I mentioned the piece is n perfect condition and that goes for the diamonds as well. The are all correct for the period - antique style. Every single one is intact, and original as far as can tell - and I examined them all very closely. If any stone was replaced over they years, whoever did so left no evidence, and chose a stone perfectly matched to the ones in the piece. Furthermore, these stones are al very high color and clarity- all are very well cut based on the period and style of cutting.

The diamonds alone make the piece worth the price. The Aquamarines are both lovely specimens.

diamond brooch

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brooch pin combination

brooch pin combo

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vintage brooch

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