SOLD...Diamond Pendant: 1.59ctw E-G VS-SI Round Brilliant Diamond Pendant R6683


ITEM #: R6683
Diamond Pendant

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

18Karat White Gold

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

gia k colored diamond

1.59ctw E-G VS-SI Round Brilliant Diamond Pendant

I totally wish I would have thought of this. I totally didn't though. Sandra had a dream and you're looking at the result.

It's possible to see so many things in this design. As they point down, I was reminded of roots. Whatever, the shape is evocative.

By the way, it was originally designed to be a comb, and worn in the hair, but once we finished the work it became obvious a pendant would be killer.

There's a whole mess of diamonds set into it. They look amazing and the work throughout has a handmade quality to it that imparts amazing quality, yet it is organic. We put this together by saving scraps of gold, and melee stones that were left over from this job or that. Some leftovers!

We are suspending this masterpiece from a 30 inch Italian chain in 18kt white Gold. Top Quality.

You'll never see another piece just like this one.

diamond pendant

colorless diamond pendant

tree branch diamond pendant

diamond pendant

colorless diamond pendant

tree branch diamond pendant

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond pendant you will receive.

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