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SOLD....Loose Diamond : 1.11ct M VS2 Cushion Cut GIA Special Price R5160

diamond ring

ITEM #: R5160

Loose Diamond 

Special Price

WEIGHT: 1.11ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 6.42 x 5.58 x 3.49 mm
GIA DOSSIER REPORT #: 2155236131

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yellow cushion cut diamond

1.11ct M VS2 Cushion Cut Diamond 

I went through the parcel below stone by stone. I picked up in each of the 45 diamonds and examined them. I selected the best (in my opinion) 8 diamonds for inventory. This is one of those diamonds.

The fact that we buy 8 one carat diamonds at a pop is one of the reasons you're getting such a good value on the stone. We buy in bulk, although we are still very selective.

yellow diamond parcel

From the eight stones we picked, this one surprised us. It goes to show how difficult the color grading is in these lighter yellow grades. Looking at the photo showing the entire parcel, you can see a lot of variation in the color. We didn't try to pick only the deepest colored stones - rather the best looking ones. Still, a few of the diamonds that we selected actually graded Fancy Light Yellow on the GIA report.

I thought this one might come back S-T color... M???

Looking at it now, I have to agree. Still, experience tells me this diamond will behave very much like a light yellow, once we set it into our the ring we will make for it.

In terms of cut, it's a gorgeous stone. The stone is not too deep, so that it looks quite large for its weight. Combine this with a small table which gives us a high crown - and you've got a lot of sparkle in the large package for the carat size.

Both of the clarity characteristics - crystal, and cloud, are miniscule and impossible to see with the naked eye.

cushion cut diamond

gia m colored diamond

faint yellow cushion cut diamond

cushion cut diamond

cushion cut diamond

gia m colored diamond

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GIA Report

gia report

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