Diamond Ring: .51ct F SI2 Round Brilliant GIA Eye Clean Bezel Set Pink Gold R5629

diamond ring

ITEM #:R5629
Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 0.51ct
SHAPE: Round Brilliant
MEASUREMENTS: 5.19 - 5.17 x 3.11 mm

Platinum and 18K Rose Gold

Currently sized at: 6
We will ship the ring in your size.

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

colorless diamond

.51ct F I1 Round Brilliant Diamond Bezel Ring

We have a lot of very good opportunities as buyers on the wholesale market here in New York City.

In this case, there is a demand for nice looking well priced round diamonds.

We were shopping for slightly imperfect, super well cut, colorless round diamonds.

They had to meet all three criteria.

This parcel did. The colors range from F-H.

Really nicely cut - very consistent, one to the next.

In fancy shapes, I love variety. However in parcels of round diamonds, I love consistency.

colorless diamond parcel

We know how to find the specific article we need to make a specific product.

In the case of earrings, you want a very bright stone, yet you may not want to pay for high clarity as that's not what people will notice. It will be the sparkle, cut and color.

We know a cutter that does really well cut stones in these sizes color and clarities.

We work out a deal that allows us to select the nicest stones from the parcel. A large part of my diamond grading training revolved around commercial diamonds. It's a lot easier to grade VS diamonds that it is to grade, and evaluate I1 diamonds.

These stones are top end of "imperfect" goods. So we get the benefit of attractive price, and minimal imperfections. The stones are really bright "SI3" type of I1 diamonds. No large noticeable imperfections.

colorless diamond parcel

The Ring

We picked a super white stone I graded SI2 - and it's an eye clean SI2.

It looks amazing in the ring - platinum and 18kt pink gold, the pink and white look amazing together.

diamond halo ring

pink diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond halo ring

diamond halo ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring you will receive.

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