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SOLD.....Diamond Ring: 6.04ct K/SI2 MASSIVE Round Brilliant Triple Excellent Example why I love 60/60 R3500

round diamond

ITEM #: R3500
14K White Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 6.04ct
SHAPE: Round Brilliant
MEASUREMENTS: 11.80 - 11.71 x 7.13 mm
GIA REPORT #: 6117920002

14K White Gold
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But this is one huge diamond, I'll tell you that!

What we have here is a little headlight- actually, not that little.

It's so bright. The cut is my personal favorite. There's a range of different looks that GIA awards an EX cut grade to. A lot of the "brands" promise heart and arrows. Yet a stone does not need to exhibit H&A to be awarded a GIA EX cut grade- this one is a perfect example.

Many of the H&A stones have certain key differences, as compared to this stone.

1) Table Size. Most of the so called Super Ideal stones will have a table of 55-58%. The table is the large flat facet on the top of the diamond.

2) The facets on the bottom of the diamond ( lower girdle facets) are slightly longer- so the arrows ( if you can see them) are slimmer

The net result of these two things is that the larger table opens up the top of the diamond more- and the smaller arrows create a wonderful splintery brilliance. Not organized, per se- instead, it's like stars going off in the stone- and in many cases, the stone will look larger, with the 60% table ( as compared to 55)

 The GIA report identifies the color as K. In the shot below you can see the color. But looking at it from the top, it's near impossible to see the color..


GIA graded the diamond SI2- for a bunch of small imperfections. They are almost impossible to see with the naked eye- but I can see them in the two photos photo below. I suppose the sharpest eyed person might be able to spot something- but it's not likely. I tried hard for quite a while.

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