This item is a special order - and made to order. For those with engagement rings featuring diamonds previously purchased from DBL, the price starts at $2995 for brilliant cut diamonds. Single cut diamonds are available for an additional $250. Custom-made fitted bands for engagement rings containing diamonds not purchased from us, the pricing starts at $3300.

Fitted Micro Pavé Diamond Wedding Band in Platinum SO4386

ITEM:# SO4386

Fitted Wedding Band


Platinum $2995
Pleae contact us for color options or sizes not listed
Let's talk about wedding bands. As a married person, I can totally appreciate the significance- and need. As a jewelry designer/manufacturer, wedding bands can be quite difficult.

Here's why I say that:

1) Mechanics
When two rings are worn next to each other they will wear each other away over time.
In the case of micro pave rings, stone loss is far more likely when two rings are worn next to each other.
Possible solutions:
Solder or weld rings together at the palm side.
This means the rings can never be worn separately

2) Design/Artistic
If you are envisioning a ring for a sizable center diamond - sizable might be as small as .50cts - I mean a center stone you want to highlight and emphasize.

It might be a halo, a solitaire, a three stone ring I have a hard time envisioning many options for putting a second ring next to it if a continuity is desired.

In other words - sometimes people love to mix and match looks, style and color - including me.

When folks are looking for a wedding band engagement ring, my experience is that its more common to seek a continuity.

Now we come to the gap/no gap debate.

Many rings are deigned with a little "donut" at finger level - known as the finger rest- the "O" shaped platinum piece

This will prevent a wedding band from sitting flush next to the engagement ring.


Fitted Band

The ring is designed to snuggle up right next to your beautiful center diamond. Everything will match your Uber ring. The diamonds will be the same size as your engagement ring, the setting style will match, the size of the shank will be the same. Since you are the own Uber ring, you know that everything about this wedding band is special. The curve is just right. The height is perfect. It's a very artful design.

For us to produce this ring, we need to have your engagement ring here. Production time is about 3 weeks