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Green Chameleon Diamond: 2.00 Radiant Fancy Dark Gray Yellowish Green GIA R4549

Chameleon Diamond
ITEM #: R4549

WEIGHT: 2.00ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Dark Gray-Yellowish Green -Chameleon
MEASUREMENTS: 7.38 x 6.97 x 4.52 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 17785757

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"A green diamond that breaks the rules"

There are so many unique and wonderful aspects to this diamond. Yes, it is a chameleon diamond. Unfortunately for some Chameleon diamonds, there are a fair share that have a rather.... unattractive color. This chameleon diamond is worth so much due to its remarkable Olive color. Green diamonds are incredibly rare, and the color itself is sometimes hard to see in diamonds.

Not this one. This sucker is green. Period.

 Deep dark green, but green.


The image


The report is color only, I graded the diamond SI1 with a question mark due to the unusual nature of this diamond. First, the diamond is so deep in color, that it is hard to see into it. Second- the nature of the "imperfections" I can see is more like small areas of the diamond left unpolished - these are on the bottom of the diamond and are common in green diamonds.

None of this takes away from the subtle brilliance.

The image

Then we have the unusual cut- if you can notice from the photo above, the table is not in the center of the diamond. The table is the large facet on the top of a modern polished diamond - but generally the table is symmetrical and centered. Given the results, it's hard to argue with the tactics the cutter used.

Chameleon Diamond

In the first photo below, I heated the diamond right before I took the photo- directly below that in the same lighting.

The diamond was cold and had been kept in the dark for 12 hours right before I snapped the cold photo

The image

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