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SOLD....Halo Diamond Ring: 1.00 Light Yellow Cushion Fishtail Setting R1721

ITEM #: R1721
14Karat White Gold Halo Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 1.00ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
COLOR: W-X, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.52 x 5.20 x 3.20 mm

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

14Karat White Gold Halo w Yellow Gold Bezel

Currently sized at: 5.75
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Oh happy day! My job just got SO easy! I get to write about a 1ct W-X cushion! Maybe you don't know why this is easy so let me explain a little. The stone is a 1.00ct. That's a magic number in the diamond business. Many people don't like to buy stones even a point under this marker so right off the bat, this stone is going to be popular! Plus, it's a cushion cut. Cushion shapes have been around as long as diamonds have. They are well loved, classic and timeless. Add to this that it's a W-X which saves you scads of moolah over a fancy yellow, the depth makes it look HUGE and it's priced so darn well. My work is done. I should just go home now.

As the lucky owner of a DBL W-X, I can tell you from hours and hours of staring that it's a beauty of a color. Definitely yellow but incredibly sparkly too. Look through the pictures and you will see all the different personalities of this stone. The lighter yellows allow more white light return which means FIREWORKS to your eye. I'm surprised I haven't blinded oncoming traffic on a sunnier day. Actually, I'm more surprised I haven't hit oncoming traffic from staring at it too much.

Why buy this stone? Well firstly, it's fabulous! Okay, maybe as a W-X and a cushion owner I am slightly biased.... Secondly, cushions don't tend to sit in stock very long so if you want it, snap it up!!! Thirdly, with a depth of 61.5% it looks HUGE! Think about it: the less weight in the bottom of the stone, the larger the face-up area. Why wouldn't you want this stone?!

By the way, this is not David. Just call me DJ (DiamondJunkie). I'm enjoying waxing lyrical about my sparkly passion. I have had the privilege of being a Diamonds by Lauren (DBL) customer for the last few years. Why choose DBL? Well, for me I loved the fact that DBL list their items with actual photos AND that I could call David and have him discuss the stone with me while he held it in his hand. I can say from experience that his expert eye has never let me down. I am now proud to be on board and writing about such beautiful diamonds.

The clarity on this stone is SI2- the imperfection in this stone is tucked away in a corner - no black inclusions at all. The stone is totally eye clean. The color on the stone is W-X Color, definitely yellow but allowing lots of white light return - in other words: more sparkle!

This is a great cut for brilliance. At 61.5% depth this stone faces up larger than your average 1ct cushion.

The Ring

This ring also features perfectly executed "Fishtail" setting for the round diamonds

The result is an elegant ring. Perfect for a "right hand" ring. We never sacrifice on quality.