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SOLD...MEN'S RING Horse Head Diamond: Incredibly Rare 1.63 Yellow Horse Head R4585

Man's Horse Head Diamond Ring

ITEM #: R4585

Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 1.63ct
SHAPE: Horse Head
COLOR: Fancy Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 11.35 x 7.92 x 3.20 mm
GIA REPORT #: 1142795441

Currently sized at: 9.5

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yellow diamonds

Horse Head Diamonds are hard to find.

A small cutter was visiting from Israel - he had us in mind specifically for this stone. It's so unique - and incredibly beautiful. The cut produces an even yellow sparkle. It was really an accident of nature, in the shape of the rough - combined with a cutters' spectacular vision and ability.

We have carried a fair number of horse head diamonds - relatively speaking.

They represent a minuscule percentage of diamond production so the fact that we've sold 10 of them so far is a cool thing. 

Not many people know how to cut them well. For this reason, of the small number we see, about half are not attractive as diamonds.

From what I see, this cutter has really expanded the envelope when it comes to Horse Head Diamonds. The stone is total sparkle. 

I mean to say that this is a very shallow stone. Most horse head shapes are shallow - that's part of why few are really nicely cut. This stone manages to have very little windowing - through a wide range of viewing angles.

The advantage to a shallow stone is that its huge. 11.37 x 7.91mm makes for a huge looking diamond.

Another aspect where this one excels - shape - it's a lovely representation of a horse.

Even down to a very detailed view. There's a small rough area - GIA termed it a "chip" on the report - to me it looks like the natural surface - in any event - the cutter left this teenie rough are exactly where the eye would be. A very cool detail. There's no structural implications.

The color is very strong for a Fancy Light Yellow - he was sure it was going to get Fancy Yellow - but it really makes no difference - the diamond is amazing.

How to set a Horse Head Diamond.

There is really no "guide" on how to set a horse head diamond. Our "Uber" guys came up with something totally unique for this one of a kind stone. The pink gold is, at times, rather subtle. But indoors, in normal room lighting, it's one of the coolest design elements - in a ring that has nothing but remarkable design elements. The diamond is held secure by 18kt yellow gold wires. It's remarkable the way the pink gold contrasts wth the yellow diamond, and wire work.

The ring screams quality - from the absolutely flawless finish on the 18kt white gold paladium - to the places where metal meets another color. It is so incredibly precise. The ring weighs a hefty 21.9 grams. Congratualtions to whoever gets this ring. It is currently sized at 9.5, but we could adjust it either way - so a lady could also wear it.

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