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SOLD...Loose Brown Diamond: 1.18ct U-V Light Brown VS1 Round Brilliant GIA Awesome value R5813

roung brilliant diamond

ITEM #: R5813
Round Brilliant Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.18ct
SHAPE: Round Brilliant
COLOR: U-V, Light Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 6.83 - 6.85 x 4.09 mm
GIA DOSSIER REPORT #: 5161125564

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light brown diamond

1.18ct U-V Light Brown, VS1 Round Brilliant Diamond

This is such a freakin' kewl color! It is light brown, but incredibly bright.

GIA rated it "Very Good" Cut grade. EX is the top grade- but you're not going to notice any weakness in the cut here. The stone is incredibly well cut, considering the price and color. It's got a great spread- easily looking like a carat and a quarter.

The stone is a totally eye clean VS1.

light brown diamond

light brown diamond

The stone will look amazing set into any number of pink gold, or white gold settings

light brown diamond

Considering the beauty, and size, the price is remarkable for a round diamond.

light brown diamond

light brown diamond

light brown diamond

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond you will receive.


The stone will look amazing set into any number of pink gold, or white gold settings

Ring Specials

Here is a few suggested styles, which can be purchased with a money back guarantee. Not many companies I k now will custom make a ring and give a money back guarantee. There are a few restrictions when we custom make a ring and offer the money back guarantee. Finger size must be between 5.5-6.5. For sizes larger and smaller, a restock fee will be imposed - and agreed upon beforehand.

The other is choice of style - if a client wanted to make a ring that was outside our normal style (for example, when people have asked to set the center diamond upside down - yes, it has happened - yes we complied)

So we'll discuss the style with you and agree on how to make the ring.

A few choices:

SO3791 - I'd do this one in all pink- but any combination will look great.

yellow diamond

SO3831 - I'd do this one in two tone- white bottom rose gold head

yellow diamond

SO3375 - I'd do this one in two tone- white bottom rose gold head and halo

yellow diamond

SO3472 - You can do this all white- or a rose gold halo - with pink diamonds

yellow diamond

If you are interested in purchasing this diamond, give us a call. You will be purchasing with a money back guarantee, so you are sure to end up satisfied. When we describe our items, we keep the money back guarantee in mind. We honor it, no questions asked- but I'd prefer to have that happen as infrequently as possible.

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