Loose Brown Diamond: 1.28ct Fancy Yellow Brown I1 Princess Cut Diamond R6982


ITEM #: R6982
Cushion Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.28ct
SHAPE: Princess Cut
COLOR: Fancy Yellow Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 6.00 x 5.95 x 3.95 mm

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

orange diamond

1.28ct Fancy Yellow Brown I1 Princess Cut Diamond

"Our guy" came over the other day with a parcel of about 15 one carat+ princess cuts - light to medium brown as opposed to the more deeply colored stones you often see.

They were all I1 diamonds. This particular stone was the best in terms of clarity. It is an I1, but the natural and placement of the imperfection makes it very difficult to see- so it does not detract from the beauty.

The color is also very interesting. There's a bit of orange which produces an almost melon like appearance. The stone is a very nicely cut square princess. Nice visual size, and great sparkle.

The price? Crazy low. We pass along the bargains.

orange cushion cut diamond

natural orange diamond

fancy vivid orangy yellow diamond

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