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SOLD.....Loose Diamond: 1.07ct Fancy Intense yellow OEC GIA Rare, unrestored R3997

Original GIA report and our company's comprehensive appraisal included.

1.07ct Fancy Intense Yellow Old European Cut Diamond


GIA Report

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ITEM #: R3997
Old European Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.07ct
SHAPE: Old European Cut
COLOR: Natural Fancy Intense Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.12 x 6.40 x 4.39 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 5121774505
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Original GIA Report ships with item. We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?


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I love many of the antique cut diamonds. They are rare for many reasons. Fewer diamonds were mined back then. Plus, since there's generally economic opportunity in recutting older stones into higher priced modern cuts, many were re-cut over the years. When it comes to fancy colored OEC's, they're practically non existent.

I believe this to be an authentic "old diamond". If you're looking for something perfectly symmetrical, this may not be the stone for you. It is, by no means, symmetrical. This is due to the lack of sophisticated tools when it was cut.

Personally I love the fact it's not perfectly symmetrical.

IN terms of finish, the diamond is in perfect shape- the stone was repaired. All abrasions polished. The girdle is "bruted"- meaning it's frosted, as opposed to polished. I'm glad that the stone was not "upgraded" or "updated" during the repair re-cut. I have seen this done where they polish the girdle for example.

If it was an L color, I'd love a polished girdle. But not for a Fancy intense Yellow.

Fancy Intense Yellow is rare even in modern cut round diamonds.

This is truly a rare bird indeed.

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The table on this stone is tiny by modern standards- meaning a very high crown as well. You can see this in the photo below

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Wonderful sparkle, remarkable broadcast of color.

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In the photo below you can see why I graded it Si2- the GIA report is for color only. It might even be an I1 if GIA graded it. In fact, that's probably why it has the color origin report. We bought the stone with the GIA report

I still feel the stone is an SI2 The stone is eye clean. I looked at all the photos- and this photo showed the imperfection the best. It also happened to be the photo I felt best showed the diamond ( I rank them)

The imperfections are at the edge of the diamond, between about 6:30-8:45

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The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the item you will receive.



Here's the way I'm thinking of setting it. We reduce the semi mount price by $500 when you buy the stone at the same time

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