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SOLD....Diamond Ring: 1.35ct Old European Cut U-V VS1 Hand Made Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold "Ultra-Flower" GIA R4048

ITEM #: R4048
Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold Flower Shank Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 1.35ct
SHAPE: Old European Cut
COLOR: U-V, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 7.03 x 7.19 x 4.17 mm
GIA REPORT #: 5131889528

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold Flower Shank

Currently sized at: 6
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This is an amazing diamond! The cut seems like an authentic Old European Cut diamond, though we do not know the history of the stone. It has not been restored. There is a totally intact girdle 360 degrees around with no chips on it - so who knows if it was cut last week or decades ago. It really does look old to us. The stone is slightly irregular, however the lack of symmetry does nothing to diminish the charm. It really is a gorgeous stone!

To find a stone of this type in this color is a rare find indeed. The color on this stone is a beautiful softer shade of yellow. Once set this diamond will look even more vibrant. The clarity on this stone is a very clean VS1.

We bought the stone without a GIA report, and submitted it ourselves. I must say, I disagree with their color assessment - to me it looks like a Y-Z.

But we don't generally dispute GIA's grade, although there is a mechanism in place which allows users to ask GIA to re-check a stone for color or clarity. I d o not believe that the value of such a stone would be different if GIA had graded it Y-Z. If it had gotten Fancy Light Yellow, I would expect a price about 20-25% higher.

The Ring

This is a gorgeous hand forged platinum and 18Karat yellow gold ring. The shank is 2mm - perfect proportions for the center diamond. Although the style is simple, manufacturing it is quite difficult.

The quality on this ring is amazing. It took many hours to hand forge the shank alone. The 18K yellow gold prongs were artfully created with a lovely claw shape to them. As they swoop down towards the shank, they morph into petals of a flower.

This ring is elegant and graceful! If you like the photos, you will love this ring in person - we guarantee it!

GIA Report

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