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Loose Diamond: 3.03ct Fancy Brown-Orange Princess Cut Diamond GIA R6270

loose diamond

ITEM #: R6270
Princess Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 3.03ct
SHAPE: Princess Cut
COLOR: Fancy Brown-Orange
MEASUREMENTS: 7.98 x 7.90 x 5.54 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 2136288452

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brown diamond

3.03ct Fancy Brown-Orange Princess Cut Diamond

One of the items we get the most requests for are "affordable" pink diamonds. This diamond is one. Yes, it's quite imperfect. The photos do a great job documenting that aspect. In person the imperfection is harder to see than in the pictures.

But the color? MAN- it's amazing. Orange diamonds are quite rare - pure orange is as rare as pure pink - if not more rare.

Mixing it with brown does two things
1) reduces the price exponentially

2) creates some weird color variations. In this particular case, the variation looks quite....salmon like. It's very cool and the hue looks different in different lighting. The stone is remarkably well cut- nice spread

This is a unique situation - we borrowed this diamond for only a few days - after that we need to send it back to the cutter. If you're interested please let us know asap.

brown diamond

gia orange

princess cut diamond

gia fancy brown orange

fancy brown orange diamond

natural brown diamond

brown orange diamond

natural brown diamond

brown orange diamond

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