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Loose Diamond: 4.02ct M VS2 Princess Cut Diamond Value GIA R6121

loose diamond

ITEM #: R6121
Princess Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 4.02ct
SHAPE: Princess Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 8.73 x 8.66 x 6.40 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2165691543


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ivory diamond

4.02ct M VS2 Princess Cut Diamond

How to buy a 4ct Princess Cut Diamond for $30k or less

We are confronted with a variety of challenges regarding "information." In many cases, we find problems with overly broad generalizations made about diamonds on the internet. But the reason we got this diamond was actually due to a request from an old neighborhood friend. Now, I have been doing this long enough that I know those type of deals are usually a problem.

I come from a tough neighborhood.

Anyway, the guy is looking for a diamond with concrete ceiling of $30k, and the lady will accept not a point less than 4cts. Of course I understand both desires. Just not in the same sentence.
So we got this stunning diamond for the guy. It happens to be this diamond.

Truth is, I really did like it when we got it in form a very close buddy of ours - who happens to be one of the world's largest diamond cutting companies - located a few doors down the street from us. In the case of lower priced stones, this cutter submits the diamonds to EGL.
EGL Israel graded this diamond I/VVS2 - I say it's an M, but what's 3 or 4 shades, or $10kplus difference in value between friends, right? I am encouraging them to use GIA exclusively, but apparently in malls across the land, people buy the BS grading .

We got in a second diamond to show- a higher color diamond, more imperfect (read: had a huge, clearly visible booger front and square so you could see it real easy). It was also quite flat and had a larger spread than this diamond, but it was dull due to the poor cut.

I also told him that this second stone blew chunks.

We showed both only because 4ct stones of this price range are rare.
Long story short, the putz tells me :"Look, there's a guy selling stones. I don't trust him.... but he's telling me that he's got a 4ct stone that's probably not enhanced for $27k.... at this point my mind starts to wander back to why I don't deal with guys from my old hood. if you don't trust the guy selling something what difference does it makes what they promise. Oh, so you want a pink Brooklyn Bridge? No problem

I told my old neighborhood running mate that he needed to go with whatever he thought was best.

The next day I figured we might as well walk the stones back to my buddy, I looked again and thought... you know, stones at this price range are not all that easy to find - and it is a really sweet looking stone.

Let's send it in to GIA and see what it gets.

Diamond Clarity: EGL gave it VVS2.
GIA gave it a VS2 in clarity. The stone is eye clean without the shadow of a doubt.

Diamond Color: the stone definitely picks up some color in certain lighting. Yet in other lighting it just looks a bit warmer. I thought it would be M in color and GIA agreed.

Diamond Cut: This is the easiest to judge, because what you love is what counts. For one thing there is no agreed upon standard of cut in princess cuts. So there are many variations. This one is almost a perfect square diamond - which is very desirable.

In this case, the diamond is slightly deep, so that it gives up a very slight bit of spread over a stone that is more shallow (oversimplified, but basically the case). When I say slight bit of spread, say a stone of 70% depth might have a spread of 9mm - this stone is about 8.7. However, that's all the give back- otherwise the diamond's cut is drop dead gorgeous from a visual standpoint. The stone has dazzling sparkle and scintillation through a wide range of viewing angles.

The cut is also great at making the stone's color less apparent. If one is color sensitive, this is not the stone. However, if someone wants a HUGE princess cut - 8.7mm is undeniably massive - more so when you're not holding it next to a 9mm stone.

Price includes a GIA report.

The stone will look amazing once we set it.

princess cut diamond

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square diamond

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