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SOLD.....Loose Diamond: 4.20ct Horse Head Diamond HUGE and very rare GIA Report R3179

Original GIA Report, and our company's comprehensive appraisal included. To see a larger image click on the small photo to the left.


4.20ct  Horse Head Diamond
Cut by the Henri Daussi Company
GIA Report

ITEM #R3179


ITEM #: R3179
Horse Head Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 4.20ct
SHAPE: Horse Head
MEASUREMENTS: 13.83 x 11.73 x 4.93 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2115542992

Original GIA report ships with diamond. We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?


The stone was cut in Belgium, and sent to a lab called HRD there. We respectfully disagree with their assessment of I/SI2.

In terms of clarity, you can see the lines of imperfection in the photos clearly. We may submit the diamond to GIA, and I'm betting they will grade it I1.

The text above was written prior to the GIA report.

Below is the GIA Report agreeing with my grading of K color, as well as the clarity of I1. A great example of why I advocate so strongly to consider grading of GIA to be acceptable.


The color: I can see why HRD called it an I.  The L, and the J are stones graded by GIA.

From behind, my stallion seems to be the lightest of these three.

From the front, it seems it have the most color of the three.

For these reasons I graded the diamond K/I1.

It took a lot of doing, but I finally convinced the people at Daussi to see my way. The difference in price between an I/SI2, and K/I1 is huge. This may not be the least expensive K/I1 out there- but thanks to my persuasive nature, it's nowhere near the costliest.. There's a lot of value as it's a total one of a kind- and looks HUGE.

The founder of the Henri Daussi company invented the Horse Head Diamond. You're getting that straight from the horses mouth. I didn't say that.

Seriously if you want a great cut in horse heads, go to the company that invented them. I don't judge this diamond for cut using the same goals as I would for just bout any other shape. First and foremost its got to say "HORSE" to my eye.

I don't want to have to guess where the mouth is.

in that regard, this diamond excels. You can even pick up subtle details of the personality.

The brow.

The cocky angle of his left ear. If you buy it and decide to, you can make it a mare, but for me it's definitely a stallion.

Besides the remarkable shape, there's also the fantastic sparkle to consider. This is a really well cut stone.

The video gives you a very good idea what to expect

Please consider us at your disposal. The entire resource of our factories, well trained in the manufacture of jewelry for horse head diamonds.