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SOLD.....Loose Diamond: 6.66ct L/VS2 Radiant GIA Devilishly lovely! Written by OMC R3173

ITEM #: R3173
Radiant Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 6.66ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 12.00 x 9.50 x 6.63 mm
GIA REPORT #: 16898209

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This is a superbly cut 6.66 ct radiant. Of course, at that weight it’s a large stone. But this one has something more than size. It has presence. It’s the sort of stone that people cross a room to check out.

So, once you have crossed the room to check it out, what do you see? The first thing that struck me - after the sheer aircraft-carrier size - was the shape. The corners are boldly cut; it’s a rectangular stone, at 12 x 9.5 mm, but it’s not unduly narrow or near-square. It’s a nice, harmonious rectangle.

The cutter knew exactly what he was doing, and got the most out of the rough – you may notice on the GIA report the two “naturals” at the edges of the stone: these were the dimensions of the original diamond as it came out of the mine. The reason it got a rating of “GOOD” on symmetry is because of the naturals and a little extra facet on the pavilion – another edge of the crystal. However, there was no skimping on cut: this is a bucket of fire – not of ice.

One thing you don’t see much, even nearby, is color. It’s graded L by the GIA, so it’s not a colorless stone when observed from the side. But it’s so well cut that in bright light it’s a beautiful soft white – no hints of yellow or brown. In dimmer light, it takes on more color, and then it becomes a faint buttery yellow, as in the photos below. No matter what the level of light, it retains an amazing amount of liveliness and sparkliness.

Speaking of things you won't see: GIA graded its clarity VS2 - if you can spot the little feather that caused them to do that, you have much better eyesight than mine. The apparent "inclusions" you can see in some of the photos here are dust specks.

One other thing you won't see is a huge price: although it's a full 6.50 ct - and it looks at least as big - at the price, it's an incredible value for money.

This diamond is sold loose, but we would be delighted to help you design and manufacture a fabulous setting for it. The entire resources of our factories, well trained in the manufacture of jewelry for fancy colored and colorless diamonds, are at your disposal.

The above listing was written by our good friend OldManCoyote. He's a regular on our colored diamond forum, as well as others ( where he's known as davidelevi). His technical knowledge of diamonds is so extensive we asked him to assist in describing some of our newest gems.