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SOLD....Loose Diamond: .73ct K/SI1 Round Brilliant Cut GIA Triple EX R3783

Original GIA report and our company's comprehensive appraisal included.


.73ct K/SI1 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

GIA Diamond Dossier Report


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ITEM #: R3783
Round Brilliant Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 0.73ct
SHAPE: Round Brilliant
MEASUREMENTS: 5.75 - 5.78 x 3.62 mm
GIA REPORT #: 5113588395

Original GIA Report ships with diamond.  We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

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This might be kind of unusual for someone in my position, but I'd like to see our clients spend as little as possible on their dream diamond. If you want a D Internally Flawless, we'll show you one. But if you want to get a diamond of a given size, for the lowest possible price, there's ways to do that.


Well, one thing we don't recommend scrimping on is cut. This is one of the more esoteric aspects- but with round diamonds, GIA makes it a bit easier as they issue a "cut grade" on round diamonds. This one is graded "Excellent" cut grade. In addition the polish and symmetry are also graded "Excellent". The trifecta of diamond grading.

This stone has one of the lower color/ clarity combinations. K color, SI1 clarity. The combination represents a great value!

K color: For someone who wants a colorless diamond and is very color sensitive, K won't work. But my experience is that very few people fit into that category- and you know if you're one of them! This K looks very bright.

 SI1 Clarity: It's so important to "clarify" people's understanding about clarity. GIA does not grade the clarity based on the visibility of imperfection, rather on the presence of imperfection. What this means is that we can have two SI1 stones that look totally different. One might have a spot that you can see, in the dead center of this diamond. Or, as in this case, the imperfection is located in a spot that it's not possible to see it without the use of a jewelers loupe. Meaning this stone is an eye clean SI1.

Check it out- all the photos and the video are of the actual stone.

Plus, it comes with a money back guarantee, like all our stones.

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The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond you will receive.

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Diamond Studded Shank

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