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SOLD...Sapphire Ring: 1.84ct Deep Pink Cushion Cut Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring R5025

pink sapphire

ITEM #: R5025

Sapphire Ring

WEIGHT: 1.84ct
STONE TYPE: Sapphire
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
OLOR: Deep Pink
MEASUREMENTS: 6.30 x 9.70 mm

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

18Karat White Gold

Currently sized at: 6
We will ship the ring in your size.

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

cushion cut sapphire

1.84ct Deep Pink Cushion Cut Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring

The cut on this Pink Sapphire is spectacular.

I have called the color "Deep Pink" - in reality the color is so vibrant. I see "Bubble Gum Pink" as well because the bright flashes on the sapphire have a lighter and brighter hue.

Small table and beautiful crown facet combine with a lovely shape on this specially cut stone.

As soon as you look at this stone you see it is "Happy"- extremely vibrant.

cushion cut sapphire

natural sapphire

loose pink sapphire

natural pink sapphire

loose pink sapphire

deep pink sapphire

The Ring

This ring is truly sizable - at 10.5 x 9.5mm across the top, our guys used a slightly heavier wire to keep it in proportion - the shank is 1.85mm.

Luscious claw prongs crafted in 18karat white gold cradle the beautiful sapphire. I love what the white metal does for this pink sapphire. Our guys did a great job with the struts holding up the halo. The curve of the struts gets the sapphire low down to your finger. Very luxurious looking, practical and comfortable. It takes a really skilled bench to get these results. I'm proud of the way we can offer such a beautiful ring and a reasonable price.

Since you are buying it from the manufacturer, you can be assured of good service for the lifetime of the ring. If it ever needs anything, we will take care of it for you. If it is due to our defect, we pay all costs. If you bash the ring, there will be some fee - but it will not be unreasonable, and you will get your ring back looking brand new.

sapphire ring

pink sapphire ring

hand forged sapphire ring

sapphire and diamond ring

hand forged ring

pink sapphire ring

hand forged sapphire ring

sapphire and diamond halo ring

pink sapphire and diamond halo ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the sapphire ring you will receive.



In the photo on the right, you can see what I'm talking about.

The Sapphire on the left is quite a nice one. Believe it or not, in this particular case, the Sapphire on the left had a higher price than the stone on the right- which is the stone I chose. It's making it's new owner very happy as you read this.

Sparkle is the type of Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds we carry.

Our stones are all NATURAL - including this awesome Sapphire.

This one's a great example of the sparkle I love combined with a deep rich color

Many Natural Sapphires, are heated during the cutting and finishing process.

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