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SOLD....Yellow Diamond Ring: 1.80ct Y-Z VVS2 Radiant Cut GIA Hand Forged Halo R5049

radiant cut diamond

ITEM #: R5049

Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Halo Ring

WEIGHT: 1.80ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Y-Z, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.94 x 6.37 x 4.32 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2145970212

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold Halo

Currently sized at: 6
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radiant cut diamond ring

1.80ct Y-Z VVS2 Radiant Cut Diamond Halo Ring

There are a lot of reasons this website, is different from any other diamond website.

It is easy to see the differences in design - for example, no other website I have seen allows you to search by intensity of yellow, and light yellow - from Vivid all the way down to S-T range.

However, there are other fundamental differences.

The largest diamond websites are built to display a list of diamonds in a rather mechanical fashion - which is very efficient - no need to look at any diamonds, they have them all on an Excel spreadsheet. These major websites don’t actually own the diamonds they offer, so a spreadsheet is all they have.

Of course we could reduce our inventory to a spreadsheet, but why???

We buy almost every diamond on the site before we offer it to you. This accomplishes a number of things. The visual result - each stone photographed – many depicted in video, and extensively, with many photos of each stone.

Another thing it does is give us an extremely strong hand with some of the world’s most prominent cutters.

If they have a call from us, at the same time one of the “big boys” calls for a stone, we’ll get it first- because we buy they stones every day for inventory. Plus, when they finish a diamond - or a parcel of stones - we often times get first dibs.

That’s how we got this stone - it was part of a parcel of seven light yellow diamonds, of which we purchased four.

light yellow radiant cut diamond

This is a rectangular radiant of the “Matchbook” variety - that means almost square, as opposed to a “Matchbox” which has a longer profile. Anyone feel like a smoke at this point?

Anyway, the cut is amazing - good size for the weight. The brilliance is pervasive - the entire stone sparkles at the same time, which is dazzling.

I love Y-Z color- it is not subtle - it’s yellow, just a light shade of it - very pretty, as in this case.

VVS2- so nothing to talk about with regard to clarity, other than it is excellent.

Stones of this color represent tremendous value, when you find the right one.

This is a great example!

light yellow diamond

yellow diamond

gia y-z natural light yellow diamond

yellow radiant cut diamond

The Ring

Set into a classic style, built by our "Uber" shop, it looks like a fancy yellow easy.

This is a handmade platinum ring done by jewelers, setters and polishers, specializing in micro-setting diamonds. They are the very finest in the business.

diamond ring

radiant cut diamond ring

hand forged diamond ring

hand made diamond ring

diamond ring

radiant cut diamond ring

hand forged diamond ring

hand made diamond ring

yellow diamond halo diamond ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring you will receive.


gia report

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