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SOLD.....Matching Purple diamonds: Natural Light Purple Princess Cuts R2531

pink diamonds

ITEM #: R2531
Matched Side Stones, Loose

WEIGHT: 0.43cts
SHAPE: Princess Cut
COLOR: Light Purple
MEASUREMENTS: 3.50 x 3.30 mm

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Purple diamonds are oh-so-rare. This is quite a beautiful pair of them. The purple diamonds have tremendous sparkle and the color is quite apparent.

Here's a few shots of one of them.

picture of purple diamonds

princess cut purple diamonds

purple diamonds

Both purple diamonds have a slight degree of imperfection. In either case, there is absolutely no detraction to the sparkle factor. Neither diamond has any black imperfections. The imperfections that do exist are white (well, they would be white if it weren't purple), feathered type imperfections

purple diamonds

Below is the second purple diamond.

princess cut purple diamond

purple diamonds

I can see them as a gorgeous pair of purple diamonds for earrings, or killers purp diamond side stones.

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