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Green Diamond: 1.45ct Natural Fancy Grayish Green Radiant Diamond R4581

Fancy Grayish Green Diamond

ITEM #: R4581

Radiant Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.45ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Grayish Green
CLARITY: Good Question
MEASUREMENTS: 6.48 x 5.90 x 3.87 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 15612317

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Why do green diamonds exist?

Although green is widespread in nature as a whole, it's a subtle and incredibly rare color in diamonds. The reason green diamonds exist is due to exposure to natural radiation over the eons. This presents a unique challenge to GIA - as they need to see the diamond in the rough to verify that the radiation was indeed from a natural source. There's no residual radiation by the way - green diamonds are perfectly safe.

Regarding this diamond, and GIA- there's no comment of "undetermined" which would be there if GIA had doubts about the origin of the color.

When cutting green diamonds, the cutter's main goal is bringing forth this subtle and beautiful color. In the case of this- and indeed many green diamonds, this involves leaving a portion of the diamond in it's rough state. We can see a ring our "rough" that encircles the entire diamond below the girdle (on the bottom)

The image

The image

The image

The reason I find it impossible to grade the clarity of the stone is that it's actually very clean - but the reflection of the rough area makes it look imperfect.

I honestly can't guess what GIA would have graded the clarity- the report is for color only. You can see what looks like an imperfection in the middle of the diamond - however it's only a reflection of a rough area below the girdle. The photos of the top f the diamond demonstrate that it's smooth on top.

The color is lovely - and very apparent. The cut is really nice around the rough part.

The photos below were taken in a well lit box.

Below in natural lighting.

The image

Pink and Green.... nice

Photographed next to a pair of Argyle Fancy Light Pink Diamonds.


The image

The image

The image