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SOLD...Necklace- Magnificent 18.19ct White & Pink Diamond Flower 16.5 R1425

ITEM #: R3795
18Karat White Gold and 22Karat Rose Gold White and Pink Diamond Necklace

TOTAL WEIGHT: 18.19cts
SHAPE: Round Brilliant
PINK DIAMOND COLOR: Natural Fancy Pink

18Karat White Gold and 22Karat Rose Gold 16.5 inches
39 Grams of Diamonds and Gold

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

Loose layout shown above- finished piece below

The process of making this necklace took about 5 months. When we first got involved, the diamonds had been cut, and were in a layout. For us, that was just the beginning. First thing I did was begin to loupe the diamonds.

Besides the color- I could see right off the bat they had good life. Closer examination showed why. Each one was beautifully cut! A four and a half point diamond is pretty small- yet it has all the facets of your 5 carat Round Brilliant. Finding diamonds cut this well that exhibit such a strong pink shade is not easy.

The colorless diamonds are G-H color and the majority are VS in clarity with a few being SI in clarity. The cutter is one of the world's best in fancy colors- and an old friend. The price we paid allows us to offer the diamonds to you at less than a lot of dealers charge.

Of course the diamonds themselves, spectacular as they are, need a vehicle. For this we turned to an amazing engineer, and artist.

Although I'd love to take credit, I don't actually make the jewelry with my own two hands. We have people who work with us on that aspect. The person who transforms the layout into reality considered every aspect of the design very carefully.

"How will it look?" is a prime consideration.

Yet, looking good means doodly squat if it's not a durable, comfortable piece of jewelry. After discussion, it was decided that we should go ahead and begin production.

Below is the resultant necklace.

Necklace Prior to Setting

This is the complete necklace- without diamonds. Since it's not yet polished, the pink gold has yet to achieve it's lovely rosy glow - looking almost like yellow gold at this point.

As I'd suspected, and hoped, the design would be extremely flexible- able to lay flat on the neck comfortably. As in my conception, the finished links have a method of connection which is invisible.

Now all we had to do was set four hundred and thirteen diamonds, polish and finish the necklace. That should take a few hours right?

How about over one week of a setter's time. One of our best setter.

The labor on this necklace is over $5000!

The finished necklace is dazzling to say the least. Mechanically, it's perfect. It can sit flat all the way around your neck. This may sound simple, but it takes a lot of forethought to get this aspect perfect. We did.

Each link has 7 diamonds. In each link, all the diamonds are the same size. The center link, shown above, is slightly larger than all the others- it is pink.

At the top there are two white diamond links- which house the hidden clasp.

We needed to use two white links because of the nature of metal needed for a clasp.

Back of Finished Necklace

If you thought all gold was equal, think again. 24karat gold is so pliable you could actually scratch it with your fingernail. It's ill suited for setting of stones.

The alloys that are mixed with this 24karat gold determine the color. In the case of pink gold, the metals used result in the great color - but they are very difficult to work - and won't work on things like a clasp. For this reason all the attachment points are in white gold. You'll never notice these details. Rest assured, we do.

The overall effect is a wonderful balance of sparkle and comfort. I'll admit it- I tried to try it on ( I'm a guy)- but I'm, like, a size 42, so forget it fitting. But I did have a look at how it would look on the neck- in the mirror. The daises almost look like single large stones from 6-10 feet away. Great scintillation and flashes of pink and white light.

You can see the flexibility- and the sparkle in the shot below..

The "Pink Flowers" modeled by our own beautiful, articulate, perceptive, stylish, resourceful, intelligent, svelte, energetic Webmistress!

Here's the necklace draped over my 1969 Fender Stratocaster. PS- Thanks to our dear friend, and forum mate, GracefulLion for suggesting we include this shot!

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond necklace you will receive.