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SOLD......Pear Shape Diamond: 1.68ct K, Faint Brown SI1 Pear Shape GIA Halo Ring Currently in Production R4883

pear shape diamond

ITEM #: R4883

Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Halo Diamond Ring

currently in production

WEIGHT: 1.68ct
SHAPE: Pear Shape
COLOR: K, Faint Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 10.25 x 6.86 x 4.07 mm
GIA REPORT #: 6147512542

Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Halo

Currently sized at: 6
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gia report

Original GIA Report ships with item. We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

pear shape diamond

1.68ct K, Faint Brown SI1 Pear Shape Diamond

We have a lot of experience creating jewelry made specifically for fancy colored diamonds. We also have a penchant for buying unusual diamonds. In this case, what makes the diamond unusual is if a light brown shade. Unusual and ugly really doesn't cut it. We tend to avoid those.

This is a really beautiful pear-shaped diamond – that is my impression. Looking at it.

loose pear shpae diamond

Even though the diamond the looks colorless in a lot of lighting situations, it's also possible to see the tint in many different lighting situations. Mind you, it is a faint tint.

The cut is beautiful. It bounces back a lot of sparkle to the eye, and there is a large surface area. If you told me was a two carat diamond. I would not question that based on the size.

In terms of clarity, this diamond is a wonderful SI1 clarity. Although the plot makes it look like as a whole party going on inside the diamond, it's really tough to spot the imperfections, even with a 10 power loupe! You can see this in the high-res photos.

From my experience, this diamond may take on a slightly different appearance, once we are done setting it. We have some of the world's top pink gold artisans working for us… I have a feeling this diamond is going to look very attractive. When we are done with it, I believe it will have slightly different face.

faint brown pear shape diamond

The Ring

We are making a simple but of the highest possible quality. Single halo in platinum micro-pavé done by our Uber shop. Pink gold prongs, and possibly a little pink gold underneath the diamond as well. This is all included in the price. This ring will be ready by the end of October.

You can purchase it now.

Once the ring is complete, we will send you photos for you to approve, or request a refund. If you do not request a refund, we will send you the ring, and you can still request a refund after you've had a chance to inspect it, personally.

gia k, faint brown diamond

faint brown diamond

brown pear shape diamond

faint brown diamond

loose faint brown diamond

gia faint brown

pear shape diamond

loose pear shape diamond

k faint brown diamond

brown diamond

faint brown diamond

faint brown pear shape diamond

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond currently being set into the ring that you will receive.

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