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Pink Pear Diamond: 2.01ct Fancy Brownish Orangy Pink Diamond R4546

Pink Pear Shape Diamond, Loose

ITEM #: R4546

WEIGHT: 2.01ct
SHAPE: Pear Modified Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Brownish Orangy Pink
MEASUREMENTS: 11.27 x 6.03 x 4.16 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 16339386

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"How much is a 2carat Fancy Pink VS1 Pear Shape Diamond"

It could easily be $200k. Especially if it had a dynamite cut like this diamond. Especially if it was incredibly lively. In this case, it's an I1 - but a very lively stone nonetheless. Not every VS1 is as bright and lively as this stone,

The colors of Brown, orange and pink are all related. Don't ask me how, but they are. Hopefully a chromatic expert will read this and offer a synopsis.

In this case, the color is very complex.

Mostly I see an incredible Melon color. A melon that is partially pink. Guava... Papaya come to mind. But not exactly.

The color is obvious - a strong color.

The image

The photo above is best at showcasing the clarity. There's obviously some imperfection - but some of what you're seeing is reflection. The good thing is there's no black carbon- that tends to be easier to see with the naked eye.

I can honestly say that it's hard to see these imperfections naked eye - the brilliance is excellent, and the depth of color helps here too.

The color is sure to increase if the stone is set by an expert in manufacturing jewelry for Fancy Colored Diamonds.... like, say Diamonds by Lauren:).

The image

The image

The image

The image