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SOLD....Three Stone Ring: GIA 4.18ct Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Hand-Engaved Plat Ring R1252

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4.18carat Natural Light Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond
GIA Report
Fully Hand Engraved Platinum ring with 1/2 moon Side Diamonds
Item # R1252




Ever since I opened the company, in 1998, I followed certain....directives. First and foremost was the way we'd treat our suppliers, and customers. We treat everyone with respect. That's how we do it around here.
Of course the people who buy are very important to us. But long ago I realized that our suppliers are so very important. They include some of the world's best cutters- some are specialists in extremely well cut Yellow Diamonds, like this one.
This is a wonderfully cut 4.18carat W-X color, Natural Light Yellow Square Radiant Diamond.

W-X- is a lovely color if you want a soft pastel yellow.

our 4.18 W-X radiant

Below, you can see the more subtle coloration sometimes evident

Believe it or not, there's not an accepted standard on the cut of a Radiant Diamond.

There are sites that purport to have numbers within which a stone must fall. We never use those type of methods when we buy- but we are extremely critical on the cut of the diamond. This one is a square- which to some people, is quite desirable. When shopping for larger yellow radiant cut diamonds, squares are harder to come by than rectangles.

Then we look at brilliance, life and sparkle. The 4.18 scores high here. The next aspect we consider is size- again, this stone looks big for it's weight- that's a huge plus. Let's face it, size counts.

ITEM #: R1252
Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold 3 Stone Diamond Ring HAND ENGRAVED

WEIGHT: 4.18ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: W-X, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 8.95 x 8.62 x 5.64 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 14833237

SHAPE: Half Moon

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold 3 Stone Diamond Ring HAND ENGRAVED
Currently sized at: 6.5
We will ship the ring in your s

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It's a very nice SI1, I'm strict. Absolutely no black spots, only a teeney "feather" over at the edge. The diamond is totally eye clean.

The Ring

Below are the three stones prior to setting

As I looked at these three diamonds, my mind's eye was envisioning the look of the actual ring. When I saw the finished product, I was just about dumbstruck.

Everything fits perfectly.

The three stones are on the same level- and positioned just right. The lovely handwork covers ever part of the ring- right up to the prongs.

The entire ring is hand engraved with a wonderful pattern.





The half moons are almost crystal like. Reminiscent of trapezoids.

Trapmoons. .......No.   Let's call them Half Moonezoids.


The total look is one that never fails to interest the eye. The three stones playing off each other.......



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