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SOLD....Rough Diamond: 1.96carat Brown Rough Diamond- feels nice R2558

No GIA report with this diamond- we include our comprehensive appraisal
1.96ct Natural Rough Diamond
ITEM #R2558


Here is a remarkable rough diamond.  This is a totally natural diamond, just as it came out of the ground.  It was mined in India.  Our friend bought it there, got on a plane and brought it to us.  Now you can buy it.


The diamond is an octahedron.

  Many diamonds come out of the ground in this shape and form  In general, if they were to polish a diamond like this, they would saw the top off the rough diamond.  About three quarters of the way up, as shown in the diagram below.  It would end up as two diamonds.

  It is really beautiful.  Just like it is.  The skin has sparkle, and it really feels nice to touch.

ALL the beautiful geometric striations, you see... as mentioned above, all are totally natural as the Diamond came out of the ground.

There are probably a lot of ways to set this diamond. you may have some ideas.

 Remember, when you're looking at diamonds in the rough or polished, large ones are really rare.

Smaller diamonds go for a lower price per carat.  That's why the really large ones are so much more.

for example:  We're offering a 10.16ct. at $4395

This diamond is 20% of the size, yet only 12% of the price compared to the larger one.

all actual photos and video of the specific diamond we are offering.


ITEM #: R2558
A rough (unpolished) diamond

WEIGHT: 1.96ct
SHAPE: Rough
COLOR: Fancy Intense Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 7.00 x 5.90 x 5.25 mm

Lab Report There is no GIA report with this diamond.  We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

the diamond is offered loose

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